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QUESTION: My partner and i are trying to conceive our first child. We were wondering when that might be.
My name : Lekisha
Dob: November 25,1991
His name: Edward
Dob: April 12,1971

ANSWER: please read my profile here again and since you some how thought its rude for me to refuse giving you free service let me explain you why is that. because my dear if you are planning to have a baby it will cost you way more then going to a check up for fertility with the doctor and for sure way more then paying for a reading with me so I doubt if your need is urgent and that you can not pay for it. If you cant pay for a reading I suggest you consider carefully not having a child because its a very expensive hobby. and by the way being here is not a must so if you dont like it you simply can avoid visiting this place but thinking you deserve free service from people you dont know is way rude and egoistic and makes me wonder what kind of mother you will be in the future.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It has nothing to do with a free service. Nor does it reflect on the type of mother i will be. I said your response was rude because all you had to do was ask me to read the profile again. The way you went about it was very rude indeed. You were not the first i consulted. You probably wont be the last. How ever you were the rudest. And i will not recommend your services. But thank you for your time and your response. And by the way, becoming a mother or being a mother is NOT a hobby. I was not mad you didnt do the reading. That was not it at all. Would it have killed you to gave been nicer? TTCing is stressful enough without good intentions being executed poorly.

you are lying to your as honey, originally all I wrote you was to "please read my profile again" and you rated it with saying its rude answer. lying and thinking you deserve free service is really not the way to become a model mother and if ttc is stressful you know its not a must you can always skip the pleasure. but another thing is that I do not give here private session and that is clearly written in my profile so I am setting this back to public because its good thing for every one to know: I do not give private session here and I do not give fertility answers as well because if you are rich enough to be a mother you are rich enough to buy a reading like every one else. also I do not need any recommendation from you as my work speak for itself (watch my ratings) surely I dont need your negative "help" doing it.  


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I ask you kindly to AVOID SETTING YOUR SESSION TO PRIVATE MODE. If you wish private session with me you are welcome to purchase one. I ask you kindly to NOT USE MY FREE SERVICE HERE MORE THAN ONE TIME and if you liked the first time to purchase the second one. I will need yours and any one else your asking about names and birth dates (complete birth dates with naming the month of birth : for example not 5 but May , not 1 but January and so on) please note that Missing Details, Private mode setting and Fertility questions WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE PUBLIC BOARD WHERE OTHER EXPERTS MIGHT ANSWER THEM If you are asking fertility questions, please provide both names and birth dates of the parents and donate 20 USD to support my volunteering time here. I figured out if you can afford having a baby surely you can afford this very small donation to support my volunteering here. Minors meaning under the age of 20 please avoid using this service , you are still very young enjoy the unknown and allow universe to surprise you for the better there will come the time to worry and fear and doubt at your age its way too early. sorry. I answer all kinds of questions here but I am mostly interested in answring for urgent needs for those who absolutely cant pay for it if you are not in urgent need or in great poverty consider pay me for my work And finally, read my ratings and if you like my replies feel free to spread the news about it and invite your friends to visit my private link at and purchase a reading with me. If you feel I have failed to serve you please let me know how I can change the way you feel about my work so I can learn how to improve.


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