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Good morning! My name is Ashley Dawn Hammond born 3/18/83. I have 3 children, a girl born 09/08/2003, a son born 08/21/2008 and another son born 03/29/2010. I currently moved to another state with my boys to be with my boyfriend of over a year Matt born 01/16/1982. We have known each other and have been friends for 14 years! He is, in my heart, the love of my life. He went from 0 kids to 2 in a snap and we are still adjusting to living together so of course there are a few bumps in the road. I have many insecurities that I am struggling to let go of. My defenses are up....(bad past relationship)and I feel i am messing things up. I am just wondering if you see a true future with us. we would love to have a child of our own one day, although it may not be possible. More than anything I just want to know if the vibe you get is a good one. We are soooo much a like it is scary. We finish each others thoughts, we are always thinking the same thing, even our pasts and the way we grew up parallel each other almost scarily. I love this man. I believe he loves me too. I feel something big is coming and I can't wrap my head around if it is something good or bad. PLEASE HELP! ANYTHING you could offer me.....any feeling you can get.....would help.

Thank you so very much! and have an amazing day! :)

Dear Ashley,
The person that we want to spend our life with, should first and foremost be our best friend.
But young lady, you need to work on your issues! You need to drop your insecurity, your lack of confidence in a relationship working, and most of all, you have to be willing to let some control go, and this could be the hardest thing of all for you to do. You can share your boys with Matt, you trust him enough to live with now trust him to help you raise those boys! If you cannot let go of some of the control, and let him be a dad to the kids, you 2 will not make it.  The only thing I get a sense of that could be fairly big, is an upcoming serious disagreement over the boys.  Prevent it from happening..spend time talking as parents, planning what is and isnt allowed..let him make suggestions, listen to some of his stories on how he was raised, and what his values and morals are..encourage him to open up, to talk, to tell you his worries and concerns. Communication is the huge difference between relationships that work..and those that do not.

You can make it, but you both have to work at it a bit each day.

Blessings to you, and your beautiful family.


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