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Dear Lady Adreeanna,

My name is Jennifer (Birthdate & City/state: 11/30/1990, Clarksville TN) and I was hoping if you could tell me if I will find a boyfriend (husband?) in the future? I've never had a boyfriend before and I think part of it is because I don't have any confidence and that I put a huge wall to protect myself from being hurt. Some of this stems from the high school I used to go to. I had quite a few crushes during the time, but some people would give me trouble for it. So, I decided to wait for the right guy to find me instead. I worry a lot about things and since I'm almost approaching my mid-20s, I sometimes wonder if I'm even destined to find a guy (Probably not the right attitude to have, but....). Any help would be appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this by the way!! :) Hope you have a great weekend!!!


(P.S. You don't have to answer this but is voice acting the right path for me? I really like this career but my dad doesn't. Haha! Sorry for asking so many questions!! XD )

Hello Jennifer.
Thank you so much for writing to me.
Yes you will find true love and happiness in the future.
Quit worrying that you will never have a home and family. Look at it this way:
Would you not rather it take a bit more time, and be permanent? You could
find a quick love would become just another statistic if you did.
Wait for it..
High school is over, the past is done. New things are waiting for you
to grab them.
You are not quite ready for Mr. Right at this moment either.
You need to establish yourself in this world..start paving your path.
you have roughed it out, but now it needs paving stones so that others
will want to walk along it with you. Does that make sense to you?
Voice acting is definitely something you should pursue, but do it part time.
The road to success along that career will be long, and you will need stability
in the here and now. for this wall of yours..we all get hurt little one..every day something
will cause us a moment or 2 of pain. Without it, you will never learn to cope
with the really hard parts of life that we all have to go through.
So don't run from hurt. Learn from it, grow from it, and become stronger for it.
Understand that Spirit never gives us more than we can handle, and I know that sometimes
we all wish that Spirit didn't trust us so much, but it is still fact.

Allow the hurt, but then..allow yourself to heal. Understand that it is ok, and give yourself
permission to feel badly when something hurts you. This goes a long way toward healing.

Your dad will relax about the voice acting when he sees that not all of your eggs are in that
basket. When he sees that you are also pursuing a more grounded career as well, he will learn that his little girl has gained maturity and insight, and will support and embrace your life goals.

I hope this helps you

Blessings to you



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