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My name is Ashley and my birthday is August 11 of 1992. I just started dating someone new on June 9th of this year and his name is Thomas and his birthday is August 18th of 1988. I am just wanting to know for sure if he is my soulmate. I feel that he is a very nice guy and that he treats me right, but there are some things about him that concern me. He is not very good with his money, he blows it very fast, and my parents worry about that a lot because they want me to be with someone who will be able to support me and a family. I also worry because sometimes it seems like he is a bit selfish about the things that he wants, and it sometimes feels like he doesnt want to make some sacrifices to be with me. He has a smart phone and he pays $170 a month on the bill, which could be a lot cheaper if he switched to just a normal phone, but he says he can't live without his smart phone, and he gets frustrated with normal phones. I think that he needs to make some sacrifices, help me out, he doesn't like folding laundry, and I have been the one cooking, packing his lunches for work, doing the dishes after meals, and I feel like I'm going to be doing it all and I don't like feeling that way. I just want to know that if I do end up marrying him it won't be a poor choice and I won't regret it.

Hello Ashley,

He is a poor choice, and inside your heart you already know this.

He will not change, and thinking that he will over time, will just result in
greater heartbreak for you.

He is not mature enough to be involved in a serious committed relationship.
You cannot push or rush him in to suiting what you are looking for.
As this will only cause more fighting between the 2 of you.

This man is not your life partner.




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