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Hi Lady Adreeanna...Nice to meet you.My name is Vernelle.I was born May 8,1963.I have been in a relationship with Charles,he was born May 18,1958.We both live in the state of Virginia but 75 miles apart.He has done lots of things for me,even though he didn't have to.He stayed here with me and my sons,and i stayed with him,even though it is against the rules that anyone stays where he is.My question is,when i am not there with him is he seeing someone else?.Also if you please,i have been feeling unusually week every time i try and do any activities and household chores,my head even get this strange sensation.I have been battling life threatening illnesses,do you know what is going on with me?.Im trying hard not to worry.If you can't answer that question i will understand.If you cannot answer any i ask to just delete this.Thanks for taking the time to read this and i wish you the best.

Hello Vernelle,

Charles is behaving himself when you are not there with him, so try to relax and not worry about that.

What is troubling you the most at this time is stress and worry.
It is causing your general feelings of weakness, and fatigue.

I do sense there could be an issue with an area of your throat
which I am seeing as thyroid troubles.

You should stop worrying, and make an appointment with your doctor
so he can help alleviate your fears.

In the mean time, try hard to control your stress levels, and your worry.
Get plenty of rest, and relax!!




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