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My brother died twenty something years ago. I am going through a tough time at the moment. Does my brother have any words for me?
Thanks you sincerely Jx

ANSWER: Hi, Jennette — Your brother is coming through to me as very fun and personable. It feels like his passing left a huge hole in several lives. Was there a particular type of music or musical group he liked? He keeps showing me music and perhaps dancing . . . he's having fun and bringing cheer on the other side as well. He's smiling a bit and saying "Here we go again" re: all the fuss over the royal baby. Then he gets a little more serious and tells me every child is cared for, absolutely every one . . . each one is sent into the physical world with love and purpose.

He is standing behind you as you're sitting in a chair . . . puts his arms around you, then musses your hair a bit. He says: "I think you're going to have to let go." It feels like there is an adult male in the physical world who is a subject or cause of your concern . . . basically a good person, but it just seems like it's time for a change in the way you relate to him. It also feels like there's a female your brother wishes was out of the picture. He wants you to know he's right behind you, no matter what road you choose.

Does any of this make sense? All blessings to you . . .

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for this. The bit that really makes sense is music. We
both loved it. I don't understand the bit about male or female though as I am a complete hermit due to illness. Or letting go. Also, he would have really loved the
royal birth news as we are both proud Brits. He would not be cynical. So I am confused by the reading. Thanks a lot Jx

Thanks for the feedback, Jennette. I don't think he was being cynical about the royal birth so much as commenting on the cycle of life, as so many are remembering Charles and Diana leaving the hospital with William. That kind of "here we go again" — the fuss but also the joy of it. I'm glad at least some of the reading resonated. Take care!


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