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Hello Lady Adreeanna,

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to ask you another question, but I am in need of insight so decided to give it a shot. I also enjoyed the last reading I had with you. If you can't answer it's okay.

My name is Cindy. I was born on December 27, 1992. My question involves a man named Joshua Argueta. He was born on June 02, 1992.

To make it short, Joshua and I had a failed relationship attempt in 2009. It didn't even last a week. He broke up with me because I was "too quiet" ( I suffer with social anxiety disorder). We both went our seep rate ways. In 2010, we started talking again. He hinted at wanting to try a relationship with me again but I said no even though I really wanted to. I was scared and the anxiety played a major role. We did however, end up being "friends with benefits" and hung out a few times. When that was going on I thought that he would fight for me and that we would somehow eventually end up together. We would argue a lot and he would go back and forth from " I still have feelings for you" to "I moved on".  The last time I saw Joshua was in August 2011. The last time we had any form of communication was in December 2011. I admit that ge would sometimes ask me to hang out but I would refuse because of my anxiety and I think he got tired :( Since then he has had 2 girlfriends, I deleted him from Facebook and deactivated it, and I don't think that he has my phone number because I believe he lost his contacts and I never gave him my number again. I believe he's in a relationship right now with a girl named Alexandra. I am deeply hurt by this and miss him. I won't ask if we will ever date again, but my question is:

Do I ever cross Joshua's mind?

Thank you so much for reading this


Hello Dear Cindy,
Of course you can ask me other questions.
You have not been trying what I suggested though.
You are still so afraid to come out of your shell.
You have to do this if you are going to move forward.
Let Joshua go.
Friends with benefits is just a polite way of letting yourself be used,
as well as staying within something that is familiar to you.
Do not be hurt that he is moving on. That is how life works little one.
You, must do the same.
Do not dwell on the past, you cannot change it in any way, so there is no
point in wasting your time on it.

I am going to give you a little assignment.
Read this then do it:
I want you to get up, and go up to a mirror..
I want you to look at your face,
your expression.
Now, say this to your reflection, out loud, "Stop Dwelling on the Past!
It is over, it is done! It's time to move on and have some fun!"
Smile, and blow yourself a little kiss.
Do this each morning when you get up. Mean it, say it with emotion.

At the end of each day, go once again to the mirror,
Give yourself a at your reflection,
and quietly say to your reflection, "I love you Cindy."

The point of this is to learn that your best friend, your biggest fan,
is the face in the mirror. She will help you overcome everything in your life.
She will help you get ready to embrace true love when it comes your way.
She knows you better than anyone else in the world, and she has faith in you.

Remember that no one can hurt or harm you, or disappoint you, unless you give
them permission to do so. one can love you, or get to know you, unless you give them permission.

Be strict with yourself. Do not give permission to anyone that wants to hurt you,
but grant permission for people to get to know you, and to one day love you.

It takes time to reverse the fears and hurts of the past. Accept that. You cannot
undo years of conditions in a couple of short weeks.
You are young, with a wonderful life ahead. It will just take a bit longer for you
to get past these few little hurdles. But I sense in you, strength. You will get through
all this. You really will. your assignment each and every day! Whether it seems silly to you or not. Do it.
As time goes on, you will believe it more and more each day.

Blessings to you Dear Cindy



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