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Hi name is Vernelle,born May 8,1963.I'm hoping you can help me in regards to my two older sons.My oldest name is Tyrone.I live with him,im not employed or anything.My third son Michael is there too.Anyway,we live in a 2 bedroom apt.He got to know this woman named Tanya.She has a daughter and son.She keeps lying her way back into my son Tyrones life until she makes another excuse to leave.Her kids are terribly out of control,behaves badly,abuses and terrifies my cats.I think she also does drugs,curses at her kids and they are loud.They are very unremorseful and disrespectful.Will this woman and her kids finally get out of Tyrones life and he finds someone else?...Also my son Kenneth lives in Florida with his wife and kids.She cheated on him some years back and she post their business on Facebook.He might be seeing someone else,im not sure...Do you see them resolving this in one way or another?Will they divorce and move back to Virginia....Im sorry,Tyrone was born Sept 15,1980,Kenneth was born Aug 14,1981...Lastly any good news coming for me?...Thanks for your time and help.Bless You.

Hi, Vernelle — First of all, you have every right and every reason to set boundaries about what happens in your own home. If these kids can't behave respectfully, and especially if they are abusing your cats — they should not be in your home. Period.

When I tune into Tyrone's energy, I feel sadness and a real absence of self-respect. He accepts Tanya's behavior because he really doesn't think he can expect anything better. I don't think she'll get out of his life permanently until he decides he does deserve better and follows through on that. Kenneth, I think, is at a point where he is ready to end the marriage and try to create a more stable life for himself and the children. It still scares him a bit. I don't see them leaving Florida at least for another year or two. He is really concerned about the kids, and there could be custody issues if he takes them out of state. If Tyrone and Kenneth could spend some time together, I think it would benefit both of them.

I'm seeing a job or business opportunity coming your way in the next six to eight months. It's not a traditional 9-to-5, but something you might do out of your home. It's something you won't want to take on unless you really love it.

Hope this helps . . . blessings to all of you.


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