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What does the future hold for me, Rachael (12/18/96) and my boyfriend Brandon (8/2/97) My boyfriend and I are both 16 and very old souls. We are wise beyond our years. We began dating over a year ago and life is perfect. Our relationship is pure, mature, and unlike all other high school relationships. We both agree that we may be "the one" for eachother. Unfortunately, his mother makes selfish decisions. Like her current one: pick up the family consisting of my boyfriends mom, step dad, and two half brothers across the country to the West coast. Of course I'm mad. It's unfair to my boyfriend and totally illogical. His mother's job will remain where she lives now, she'll just travel back here on occasion to check into the office and such. My boyfriend's biological father still lives here. My boyfriend's friends live here. There is no reason for his family to move other than the fact that his mother thinks it will be good.

I hate his mother, and I am not a hateful person. But in our year of dating, I have seen her 3 times. She makes no effort to get to know me because he is just SO SELF ABSORBED!To get my boyfriend to move, she's promising all these things and manipulating. She promises he can fly back whenever he wants. She promises that if he doesn't like it, he can come back. She even told his biological father that if he let my boyfriend go, he wouldn't have to pay child support. But this woman never keeps her promises. Ever.

My boyfriend does not like to talk about the subject-- he's so used to just adjusting and surviving in any situation he's thrown into BECAUSE IT'S ALL HE EVER KNOWN. So I need your help for closure, understanding, and some answers.

I feel like he's leaving me so effortlessly. He's not even fighting to stay with me. So my ultimate questions revolve around the following: will he come back to me for good? Will he love there and stay there forever? Will his mother keep her promises? How is this all going to play out? (Please know I don't expect answers to those exact questions, I just need a general feel for how this will all turn out in the end.) Any answers or advice are MUCH appreciated. Thank you!

Rachel , this is a hard situation for you I know. But he knows he has no choice Thats why he's not putting up a fight . Give it time let him leave in peace and if it's meant he will come back to you . He does love and care about you But by you pushing that's pushing him away from you dear. Let God handle it he knows Best always .. Goodluck Godbless  


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