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Im Matthew (September 30th 1996) and my current situation is complex to say the least. My long term girlfriend with 8 months so far(lily, May 28th 1997) has relapsed cancer, and is in recovery from high dose chemotherapy with around a 2 in 5 chance or relapse.
At the moment i havent been able to see her much at all and shes suffering from possibly depression and a definite lack of sleep so shes difficult to talk to, doesnt seem to enjoy talking to me and is seeing her "girlfriends" more than me, i have no problem with this as long as shes happy but my question is, can you see a future between us ? I love her and i will wait for her for as long as it takes for things to defuse, but shes hard to read and is almost taking out her feelings on me i think, so id like to know is there a future between us, and what does hers possibly look like ?
Please bare in mind, i have never loved anyone so much, shes as close to me as my sister, and i love her like ive known her all my life, i want nothing more than for her to be happy, some guidance would be much appreciated Lady Adreeanna, i trust your opinion on this matter greatly.
Thank you.

Hello Dear Matthew,
Thank you for trusting in me to help you with your question.
I will not read Lily out of respect for her privacy in light of
her illness. I hope you understand that.
I can tell you this, more than a boyfriend, Lily needs just the closeness
of her friends. Yes, you as well are a friend, but there is romance there, and
that puts you in a different category.
Medications, and serious illness can affect how a person behaves, and can
alter their wants and desires.
People will sometimes even feel guilty when they are sick, thinking
they are causing pain to their loved ones or being a burden to them.
Over re-assurance from you, will only make that worse.

You need to pull away for a little while. Let her know you will be there
when and if she wants to see you, but that you will respect her wishes right now.
This time in her life is not about you, it is all about her. She has a lot
to deal with, and that can make her lash out even at the people she loves.
So let her know in subtle ways...send her cards..maybe a little gift from time
to time, but assure her that you respect her wishes and needs.

Things will work out in time.

That is all I can tell you right now, and I hope that this little bit
helps you in some way.

Blessings to you



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