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Thank you so much for getting back to me here is the info you asked for.
The house address is 358 Porter Rd. It is in upstate Ny  The house was built in 1816 by Mark .A.Child's it was back then a Universalism Church and a mosonic lodge for freemasons on the top floor. I get very "freaked" out while in the house. The last people who lived there thrashed it so I am not sure if that is why  I get that feeling or a deeper meaning. I saw pictures online while researching the history the house is exactly the same now as it was in 1816 right down to the bushes in front vert odd. My house I am in now is 185 Paisley Rd. Though it is to small for my families needs has gotten us through alot. I will add I know there is a presence in here it is a women but has never in 5 years done anything just watchful.
Thank you again for anything you might be able to do.

Pass on this house. I get bad impressions, and sense disquiet and unrest in it.
It does not have "evil", but it has a dark aura that will not help to grow and build harmony.
It will bring arguments, and bickering because of the aura it has.
You should always pay attention to your gut feelings. It is when we ignore those
that we make mistakes. You first impression, is usually the right one.

You and your family have a guardian, and I think that is who you are sensing in your current home. Spirits do not have a "human gender", but yours is very maternal and comforting, which would give you the impression that it is female.
When you get a sense of something with your children before knowing for sure..lets say, if you sense one of the kids is not feeling well even before seeing them, that is your guardian letting you know to be a bit more watchful so that you see it too.

This spirit will be with your family for a long time, and will be with you even when you do find a house that you want.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Blessings to you and your beautiful family!



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