Back in 2010, i started a relationship with this guy his dob is December 2 1992 & he is now the father of my child. We were actually friends at first but didn't know each other personally.Long story short while we were in a relationship together he cheated on me and was not there for me and my child as he should have been.& later i found out he was expecting another baby by someone else. So this cause alot of sadness in my life, i was confused,hurt,felt depressed and while dealing with this situation i was also trying to deal with the death of my twin brother. I was so heart broken.Only God knows what was going through my mind.I really didn't know what to do or who to turn to all i could do was pray.(we've been broken up for about a year now)..After some time i began to feel a little better & i think i have mood swings i'm not sure but one minute i will be happy,then sad, then angry at the world.I'm not usually like that i alsways been a VERY happy person.Now i'm just trying to find some answers or guidnace. I know i don't NEED a guy to make me happy but i feel it will be a start for me trying to trust and love again,i feel now that i am ready for a new beginning. i'm not in a hurry to find love but i would like to know when will i meet or get into another relationship & i'm just hoping this guy is willing to build a happy realtionship just like me.Also if you could, what will the guy personality be like or description Thanks in advance...
Sorry if my story is all over the place,its just so much i need to let out. but i would be so grateful if you can read for me thanks again

Hi Marsha. Sorry for delayed reply I have been ill. I do feel that there is a lot of hurt and stress around you right now. And it is all concerning your past. You don't understand how this happened to your life. For a while you thought you were on a very good path. And you were. But something came along to the shore your happiness and peace of mind. You have always been a very goodhearted woman. You have always helped other people when they need it. But you never ask anyone for anything. And if you did you never got to much help anyway. I feel that URD type of woman that does not want much out of life. Money and material possessions does not mean much to you. You only wish to be happy and have love. But the more you search for it beekeeper you feel you did a hole for your self. There is a very big reason behind all of this. And you need to do something to help your self. Because there is a very big spirit of depression around you. I am going to give you my email and we can talk more there. Hope to hear from you soon God bless and good luck


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