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I have been dating Joanna For nearly 1 year now she was the instigator of the relationship I recently proposed to her and she refused saying that marriage makes her feel like she is controlled And that she has commitment issues We have many arguments because I feel I put more into the relationship thing she does Her birthday is Sept 30th 1958 mine is May 10 1968 my question is she is recently wanting to take some time and meditate about the relationship and take some time and not think about anything heavy on really discuss the relationship how can I save this relationship and let her know that she is definitely the one for me and in your opinion do you think this relationship work have a future thank you very much for your time  she tells me that she doesn't have time for a serious relationship and that she wants to put her career first because she put men first in her life before and it never works also she keeps our relationship secret from anyone but her friends and family

Hi Robert,  I feel very strongly about this relationship and I feel this woman cares and loves you very deeply, But she has funny ways of showing her feelings. She has had some bad relationships in her past, And because of this she has built up alot of personal walls and boundaries around herself, Not only with you but with everyone. It's very unfortunate that she is doing this to you because I must say I feel this is a possible soulmate! I feel like you connect with this person like nobody else. You also had your share of bad relationships and for awhile you didn't want to let anyone in But you let her in closer than you have anyone. I feel you have always been a good hearted man and tried to help and went out of your ways for people more than once. But when you had needed or wanted something in your life you learned just to do it on your own and not to ask elsewhere. You never really had the best of luck where love life is concerned Robert. Anyone that you really loved it seemed something always went wrong with you and them. And it looks like the same thing is happening here. You do have some negative energies around you dear , And this is why anytime you are happy and things are going in the right direction something always comes in to disturb the peace. You have to get rid of these bad energies before this relationship can go in the right direction. Not only is it affecting your love but it's affecting your business and peace of mind . This is very serious and nothing to take lightly. Have you felt this in your life ? Or been told about this by anyone else? If you do clear yourself from this I can tell You I feel a good long lasting relationship for you and this woman. Marriage as well. Wishing you the best. Get back with me and we will see what we can do to help you. I am going to give you my email if you wish to discuss this further ...


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