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Hello, my name is Ricardo Jorge Chaves Moniz, and I've born on May, 24th of 1994, and I've been on a long distance relationship for about 2 months with Gon硬o da Silva Baptista, born on May, 25th of 1994. We both have suffered much, and I really love him. I live in a island and he lives on the mainland, we have met each other on facebook, and have met in person when we did one month of being boyfriends. I was afraid of suffering again, but he cares, and I think he loves me like no one did before. My question is if we will make it trought this distance.
Thank you, Ricardo Moniz

Hi Ricardo. I do see a very good and strong connection between you and this man but at the same time I am seeing a distance and this is not only the distance in miles. This is an emotional distance. I feel like things have not been feeling the same between you and him. Now I don't know who has become distant but I do know why. I see that you have not had a very busy love life. You have not let many people close to you because of your fear of being hurt but I feel you have connected with this man on a very deep level and you have let him in to your life very quickly because of the connection that you feel to him. There is a problem around you and this is a spiritual problem. It is blocking your good luck in love so that no relationship can blossom or grow into what you want it to be and because of you and this men live far away this will create a problem and you need help to fix this. I will explain more. I want you to e-mail me. It's better to talk that way.

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