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I have a situation wherein I'm confused about a guy I was seeing earlier this year. We met at the beginning of February and saw each other all the way through till the end of March when he suddenly broke it off. The thing is there were strong feelings and I know they were on both parts. So fast forward, 3 months later and little to no contact. The smart thing to do is move on, but I can't help but feeling that it isn't over and he'll randomly pop up again. Please help?

Natasha June 17 1985
Robert July 3 1985

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Dearest Natasha,

What you and Robert had was a break from found each other at a time when fun, and discovery was something you both needed. But the fantasy always ends. The trouble is, it gives us false, yet very strong feelings of care and love. This passes. Robert was not who you had the strong feelings had the strong feelings for what you and he had discovered in the moment.  It is time to move on now. Remember what the 2 of you had with a smile, an intimate secret that you can cherish. But as for a life partner, he was not meant for you.

You are still a ways away from finding the man with whom you will settle down, and begin a life with.  There is still much for you to learn about what you want in a life partner, and until that learning is complete, you will not find him.

Use this time, to date, to spend in self discovery. Dating is the best way to find out what you do not want in a life partner, and it should not be avoided.  

I hope this helps you in some small way, and I wish you all the best



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