QUESTION: hi my dob 1-30-79 my question is how does demiko8-27-88 feel forme because my sneaky cuzin tawanda 5-22-81 likes him and is trying to get at himm i think he may  fall 4 her please help

ANSWER: Hi, Shericka,

I don't think Demiko is all that interested in Tawanda, though he's enjoying the attention. I think he likes you and sees more relationship potential with you — but again, he doesn't want 1) to be the cause of hard feelings between you and Tawanda and 2) to be caught in the middle of two warring women, especially if they're related to each other.

The other thing I see when I tune into Demiko is that he doesn't seem quite ready for a serious relationship. His energy feels more like that of a teenager than a 25-year-old . . . there is a playfulness or even bravado that masks a lack of confidence in himself. Having the two of you interested in him feels intoxicating, almost like a game — but deep inside, he knows it's no game.

It feels kind of like this is more about you and Tawanda . . . has she been jealous of you before? How much time have the two of you spent together lately? She seems to resent you and want your attention at the same time . . . not unusual for sisters/cousins, though each relationship is unique.

I hope at least some of this is helpful . . . all blessings to you, and have a happy Fourth!


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QUESTION: why does tawanda want my attention if she resents me. i do believe she has had some jealousytowards me . can i ask is tawanda interested in demiko i asked her but she denies it

Hi, Shericka,

That's a good question . . . it has to do with family members loving each other and not knowing what to do without each other, while at the same time they can't hardly stand each other. I don't think Tawanda is seriously interested in Demiko. As is the case with him, it feels like a game to her.



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