QUESTION: hi.......i met a young woman whose name is sharon,,,,,dob-1982 (i dont have more details) my dob is october 4 53.....i m much older than her and she said that to me,,,,do u see a relationship between us? ty.

ANSWER: Hi Joseph.. I feel like Sharon does have feelings for you but at the same time she is fighting them because of the age difference. And at the same time she has a lot of trust issues. You must understand she has been very much hurt and broken hearted throgh her pass even though she is younger than you. This woman has an old soul and older spirit , And That is the reason why you connect with her in the first place, And you have a younger soul and younger Spirit as well. Her feelings are strong but at the same time she is very confused. One day she feels she knows what she wants and the next day she changes her mind. Because she dwells on the past too much. Maybe she does not show this side of herself to you. Because she is a little intimidated by the age difference. You are meant to have love Joseph. God did not put you here in this world to be alone. Yet on the inside you feel very much alone. You'll feel like you could be in a little full of friends and family, Yet no one to talk to because nobody understands you. You are very driven towards success, And you are meant to have a great success in your life. But the success no matter how large will not fill the void in your heart because of the lack of love . The women never want to 40 right reasons. You are a old-fashioned man Joseph you have old ways and old-fashioned beliefs. A very goodhearted man but at the same time does not like people to take advantage of you. You have been very independent throughout your life. You had no choice but to be. But you need to know there is a lot of jealousy around you. A lot of people that talk go to your face but behind your back it is a different story, And maybe you'll know this and this is why you want to love so badly. And you deserve love you have a lot to give emotionally of you have right woman. But you cannot find a comfort zone With this woman. And you want to be comfortable with her very much. I am not picking up on how long you and this woman has been together. That may be because it has been off and on. I do feel that this relationship is something worth fighting for. I feel there can be a very good future for you and her. Get back with me and let me know when did your relationship to begin with Sharon and how did you meet her. And we will go from there... Abby..

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QUESTION: ty:) she used to be my therapist,lately she responds to my emails,,,,i would like so much to be her friend:)

I think you would like to be her friend But you also want it to develope into more deep within your heart because u feel a strong connection to her. But like I told you Joseph you need to get yourself  cleansed because something is blocking your love life my dear. Again I give you my email so I can talk to you clearly .


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