Hi, My name is Shawna, birthdate 10/29/75.  I want to ask you about my connection with Aaron, birthdate 4/16/75.  We were involved deeply in the past but circumstances prevented us from moving forward.  We've remained connected on and off for the last three years.  I am a big believer in signs and I feel that I regularly get very specific signs connecting me to him.  My question is why I am still receiving signs about him, if we are meant to have a relationship in the future (and what that relationship will be) and if not, who will I connect with and when?  There is another person who has figured into my life, I have recently ended this relationship, but his name is Jason, birthdate 8/30/75.  
Thank you so much for your time.

Hello Shawna,

Neither of the men you are currently involved with will become your life partner.
Aaron will remain a good friend to you now and in the future, Jason, does not figure in your life at all moving forward.

I do not see when your life partner will come in to your life.
You are newly single, and as such, not yet receptive to meeting your potential
partner, so this makes it very difficult to see when it might happen.

I hope this helps you



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