Hello, My name is Breanna miller, Born April 18th, 1994 I have been dating a man by the name of Earnell Barner, Born August 27th 1994, for about 2 years and a half, (on and half.  He use to be my dream man until a incident happened about 2 years ago which involved him and another girl kissing (while we were broken up for the time being) but the thing is we were only broken up for 2 days. So that put in my head that he was talking to her before that. This has happened with a diff girl about a year after that. Even though I forgave him for that I still have that thought in my head that he's still doing it. He swears up and down that he's faithful to me but what he's done in the past has caused my trust for him to go down. He says how he wants to marry me, start a family with me, but i cant do that with an untrustworthy man. My question that I'm praying to get answered would be is this man really the one for me? Or do you believe he's still playing with my heart?

Miss breanna miller, yes he is not ideal man for you, such spirit is in him a fornication spirit, even if he marries you today he will be having sex girls , ladies that are even his seniors. Unless something is done to help him stop it. only then can he concentrate on you. If u need my


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