QUESTION: Do you see the marriage between Paul and Rosemary lasting or do you see them splitting up? Paul November 17, 1939 and Rosemary April 11, 1946

ANSWER: Hi Tammy, I do feel some division between these 2 people. But I also feel  caring here as well. There have been a few times in their past that they almost had gotten divorced or seperated but this man feels a very strong sence of obligation to this woman as well. I see a great amount of confusion around him like 1 day he feels he knows what he wants to do and the next day he's all confused again.. I also feel another female in the mix somewhere . Coming across a little confusing to he honest. I can't say 100% I they will divorce But I know there will be seperation .. Hope I helped u some. Maybe with further info on your part I can feel more .. Be well

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, there is another female involved, me (Tammy November 13, 1968) but there might also be someone else or others involved. I'm not sure. I love him & care about him a great deal and want to be with him, but he is reluctant to leave her, yet he misleads me often with his words making me think we might someday have a future together.

Ok that's the missing link lol... Well I can tell you there is not anyone else. If there was I would have said I feel 2 other woman not just 1. He does love you Tammy , But he has been leading you on for quite some time and your smart for not trusting him 100% I don't blame you. But I see its just not so easy for him to up and leave her . He feels like that's his comfort zone eve though they don't get along. Men often stay with where they are comfortable not necessarily happy. But there are so many blockages between you and this man! That's a big factor too. Not only the fact that he's married . But I feel alot of negative energies pulling him away from you. Here is my email. It's easier to discuss things there and I can pick up more clearly also..


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