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My fiancee (Amber, May 31, 1982) and I are planning on getting married in the near future to allow us to get housing benefits. My parents do not know because they do not wholeheartedly support us taking our relationship to the next step because they had a hard time deal with it.  Are we making a wise decision to get married without telling them and hiding it until a time in the future when possibly they can handle it better?  Are we making a wise choice by marrying in general or is this something we are not meant to do at all?
Thank you for your time.

Sar (April 10, 1988)

Hello Sar,

You and Amber are not meant to marry at this time. You would be wise to wait until you have the full support of family. Family is important to us in the new days and weeks after a marriage. Do not deny yourself or your families the joy of experiencing this together as a family.  

Thank you for your question



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