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Dear Lady Adreeanna,
Last year I met Sam Felix-Garcia (born 2-13-91) and i felt a deep connection with him and i really liked him a lot, we only spent 2 months in contact but then he moved to work far away and i wasnt able to hear from him because of lack of communication devices. i sent him letters but he couldnt write back. well hes back home now in the usa and i found him on facebook and he seemed happy to hear from me, he said sorry for not writing back but he couldnt...but he was back home for a week and a half and didnt even write then...i donk know if he feels the same because his answers were so short. my birthday is 6-25-73. maybe i shouldnt have a crush on him nor expect anything. i just felt then he was my soul mate. but maybe i should forget him. what do u think?


Sadly he does not feel the same way for you as you do for him. However, remember always that whenever one door closes another door opens.

The person for you is still out there, but you need to put this behind you before you can move on.
Allowing someone to love you means that you are an open book, you have no deep secrets, no buried yearnings, you are open and receptive to love.

It is time to put the past to rest, and open tomorrow like a brand new book.

Blessings to you



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