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Greetings !
The past few years have been extremely difficult for me both socially and professionally.  I have had several unpleasant experiences with quite a large number of people and have basically lost all my peace of mind and I greatly worry about my future and fear that past people will come back to haunt or hurt me in some way.
I am in the process of selling my house as I live in a vastly deteriorating neighborhood filled with several unfriendly and hostile people who have also caused me quite a bit of trouble. I confess to having made mistakes but I neither killed, stole, nor harmed anyone in anyway though I have been called any number of horrible names.  True friendship in life eluded me.
Is there any end to my suffering or will my situation get any worse than it is now ?  I need to move on but it seems that I am totally stalled.
Will I be able to get out of my current situation or area or am I doomed to remain the rest of my days in my neighborhood and get old and die alone and totally abandoned as those who disliked me come and inflict more pain upon me.
Thanks !

Dear William,

Everything that spirit gives us, has a life lesson in it. Misery is not something that anyone can inflict upon you, it is something that we ourselves allow to happen to us.

In order to move forward from your past, you must first lay your past to rest. Come to terms with what happened, accept it, and move forward.
Even if you move, if you do not put the past aside, it will continue to plague your future.
Work hard each day, to lay more troubles from your past to rest.

As your mind and heart heal you will start to find yourself feeling better and better, and be more open, and receptive to new living arrangements, and new friends.

You control where you go from here. You know what you have to do in order to move forward, it is just a matter of putting the thoughts in to action.

I hope this helps you in some way



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