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Dear Lady Adreeanna,

I am asking for your guidance on something. I recently started seeing someone, her name is Liezyl, DOB is 27 Sept 1990. Things are great and we had a talk a few days ago about this going somewhere, but to not make past mistakes again and we both agreed to take it slow. Part of my challenge is learning to trust again since I've been badly burnt in the past, I realize, however, that each person is not necessarily out there to hurt me & I can't help but think that this may work out in the long term. I understand that a relationship takes time to grow and I should not be rushing it. So i guess my question is, is she someone worth my trust and effort? I'm Heidi, born on 19 Dec 1983. If you could give me advice that would work to our best of interest, that would be awesome. Thanks so much for your guidance on this matter.

Dear Heidi,

This relationship cannot stand the pressure of the past. None can.
In order for this to work, you must, must, must lay the past to rest.
I know it is hard to do, but anytime a new love comes in to our lives,
our hearts must be free of the baggage of times past.

The pressure you put on the relationship is far too great at this young stage.
It will snap like a twig.

Try this..instead of making someone or something earn your trust bit by bit...
start out by giving them 100% trust...guess what? All they have to do is keep that 100%.
They are not struggling to earn anything.

Often times it is harder to get something than it is to keep something you already have, and many will give up even trying, feeling that they are fighting a losing battle.

Relationships suffer the same thing.

If something happens to damage a bit of is far easier to earn back a little bit..than to fight earning back what you lost, while still trying to get that total trust.

Yes, it does mean you make get hurt a bit more often, but it will also teach you not to hand out trust too easily either.  If a person is worthy of a relationship with you in the first place..then they are worth giving 100% and not a smidgeon less!

Blessings to you both



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