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Me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost 9 months . My name is elionora fuzaylov i was born on april 2,1995 and Im 18 and so is he. His name is justin figueroa and he was born february 17, 1995 . The problem is that I'm jewish and he is spanish/christian . My family know about him but they are all against us going out . Me and him get into many arguments but somehow we manage to end up getting back together cause honestly he is the only one that makes me happy . He moved away from new york which is where i live about three months ago . Ever since than we have been trying a long distAnce relationship and seen each other once after . He has a job five days a week and he works from 10 am and calls me at 11 at night when he gets home and we video chat almost every night . He Also calls me when he has a break at work.  But i just don't know what the future holds for us . If we will last strong and have a good future or not ? Can you help me out ?

Hello dear, Long distance relationships can be a tough situation to be in and even more difficult for you because you are the type of woman who needs to be hands-on with the person you love and care about. I can tell you this I do not feel that he will cheat on you there is no other woman in his mind or in his heart other than you.. People will come against your relationship with this man. Like you said family for religious reasons and outsiders out of pure jealousy.. I do not feel that you have had a very active love-life. You are an old-fashioned type of girl and not the type to go with just anyone. I feel a very strong soulmate connection between you and this person.. But I must tell you I also feel a lot of negative energies that will try to break you away from this man and try to pull this man away from you. I don't exactly know what these negative energies are or where they have come from but I don't know that they are surrounding your love life very strongly. And would like nothing more than for you and him to break up. I am going to give you my email so that we can chat on a more personal level and I can try to pick up more of what is going on. But he does love you he does care for you and this is a relationship that is worth fighting for. Again here is my email if you want to discuss further ..


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