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Hello there
Hope you are doing good.
I am 37 years old female,dob:23 February 1976. I believe I have had a tough life .One of the hardships of my life is relationships. I had  rough patches with my parents and even with the guys I formed some sort of bonding. With time I have been able to sort out my  problems with family members but my love life never flourished. I had emotional relationships but didn't get into any intimacy. My younger siblings are now settling down and I am with them ,working with them for them so thy could start their new lives. I however don't seem to settle down .Its not like such moments didn't come close ,they did when I was about to get married but I couldn't due to lies I was told or the demands that were made .
I need your help for some insights I could get .I feel lonely and want a companion.


Dear Hina

You are and have always been restless. You are also very strict in what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. This makes it very difficult for you to trust, and to keep that trust. It can and does intimidate most people that come in to your life, however, these are not bad traits. In order for a marriage to last, you have to be strict with what you want.

I know you are lonely Hina, but you have to trust that there are reasons we are at the places we are at various stages of our lives. There are tasks that spirit wants us to complete at each stage of our lives, and only when we have completed those tasks can we move forward.

For you, the task that spirit wants of you, is to learn forgiveness. There is still bitterness in your heart for things that have gone wrong in the past. You must learn to put the past behind you, clear it from your mind, and your heart.
Once you have done a body and heart cleansing of all the old hurts, you will move forward, and find that your restlessness, and even being lonely, will be wiped clean, and you will now be wide open to attract love to you.

Love is attracted to love, love will not find a person whose heart is clouded and cluttered with past hurt, anger, frustration, and mistrust.

So keep focused on your task. Let go of the past completely. Forgive and lay to rest past hurts.

You will find love when you have finished the task spirit wants of you.




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