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Psychics/Roomie (reasked with dates..sorry)


My roommate and I had issues last year, and I was wondering if you could do a reading. Will things be better this year between us or should I let it go? And why doesn't she seem to like me? Is it my fault? Is there something that I'm doing wrong?

My birthdate and name: Ashlyn April 2, 1994
Hers: Davida November 15, 1993

I hope this is correct.

Dear Ashlyn,

Things cannot move forward till the past is released.
Think of life as a boat and anchor..if you do not pull
up the anchor, the boat will not move forward, or, if it does
it requires so much more additional effort.
Release the anchor, and the boat dashes ahead easily.
Life is pretty much the same.

You have struggled in the past with self doubt, and lack of confidence.
It is time to realize that you are worthy, beautiful on the inside and out,
and that happiness is deserved for you just as much as anyone else.
You are not doing anything wrong as such.
Sometimes people just do not fit together as well as others do.

Did it ever occur to you that she is the one with the problem?
If you are ok with her, you are fine..she, for some reason,
does not mesh well with you, that is her burden to deal with, not yours.

No one is at fault here Ashlyn. It is just 2 different people trying
to live in a small space together.
But I can tell you this..if you let go of the past issues, and relax, and not
try so hard to get her to like you, things between the 2 of you will settle in to a routine.

Give yourselves space. Abide by the rules you have each set out, and just let things be.
Stay with your circle of friends, doing the things you like, and stop worrying.

Give her respect, and courtesy, be considerate, and you may find that while you will never become the best of friends, you will each gain from the experience of having known each other.

So, having said that, to answer your questions...
Will things get better? yes if you let go of the past, and stop trying to be her best friend.
Why doesn't she like you? Not everyone likes everyone else. That is a life fact. But they can share living space without being mean or dis-respectful to each other.
Are you doing anything wrong? Yes. You are trying too hard to get her to like you, and if anything, that will only serve to make the rift between you both worse. Stop trying so hard.

Blessings to you little one.
Life will shine brightly for you.



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