My name is Hiten Harish Tailor.
Dob is 22nd October, 1989.

I am born and brought up in Mumbai, India.

I am doing Chartered Accountancy ( Professional Exam)
I am in my final year. I appeared my final exams twice, but unfortunately couldn't clear.
My financial condition is not good and it is very important for me to clear the exam asap and get a job.
Now i am again appearing my final exam in November 2013 and working hard for it.
Will i be clear it this time?
Will my hard work n luck support me this time so that i clear it this time?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello Hiten,

I get a very positive feeling for this time for your exams.
You need to reduce your stress levels though, and build up your self confidence with it.

You are going in to this exam already worried about it, and that will affect your scores.

Stop stressing and worrying..that is only going to hinder your results.

I hope this helps you



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