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My name is Ilana and my DOB is 11/12/1991. My summer has been pretty bad for a few reasons: I have been trying to get over a guy that I hurt due to a stupid overreaction. He currently is angry with me and recently defriended me on facebook a month after the incident occurred. I am doing my best to fix that, apologize and just try to get closure with him. The second terrible thing that happened to me is that my cat died a week and a half after the incident I had with that guy. The death of my cat has taken a huge toll on me, and whenever I visit home from is very painful to be in a petless house. The last thing that is getting to me is that I have to take the GRE for grad school, and I know I am not going to do well on is stressing me out. I have been studying hard for it though.  Ever since the middle of June (due these events), I have been crying every night before I go to bed. I am usually a very outgoing person, very kind, positive, and usually have a smile on my face. I have been so unhappy and I just want to know when will I heal again? And when everything will turn around and I will feel like my happy self again. I am seriously sick of crying! Thank you so much for your time.


Stress takes a toll on everyone, and everyone heals at their own rate.
You cannot fast track through this.
Let the guy go, if a friend cannot forgive and forget without drama, then you don't need
them in your life.  After you apologized, you are cleared..he is the one adding drama, so put him out of your mind, it is now his problem, not yours.

The death of a family pet can be every bit as devastating as any other loved one.
If at all possible, get another pet. I am not suggesting replacing your beloved pet, I am suggesting that you offer a charity of sorts. Give an animal a chance at a loving life that would not have that chance without you. This action is sooo soothing to the soul, and helps to destress yourself. It is well known that a loving pet reduces stress levels considerably.
What has happened to you is known as the straw that breaks the camels back. Too much has been asked of you, and your emotions are in turmoil. First know this..what you are perfectly normal, and healthy.  You can help ease some of the pain of the stress..and the damage, by surrounding yourself with the things you love, activities you love, and getting extra rest. You have not been sleeping well lately, and this will actually make you feel worse. So sleep need to heal.
Not even the best psychics can tell you how long you will take to get back to normal, as that depends on how hard you work to heal yourself. Rest, eat well, give yourself permission to feel bad, give yourself s few extra treats...all of these things..will shorten the duration of your mourning..and a type of mourning is what you are going through right now.

All though your scores on your tests will not be outstanding, you will be pleased to see that you will do better than you initially thought.  So, keep studying, but with less panic ok?

It will come together for you, I promise.

Blessings to you



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