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My name is Pascal. I believe angels are sent by God as ministering spirits to us. I believe we have personal angels. I believe there are warrior angles like Michael , messenger angels like Gabriel. I believe there are angles of various departments like apostolic angels, prophetic angels, angels of healing, angels assigned over churches. I know God commands us to pray to him alone and not pray to angels but he usually sends angels as he responds to our prayers. In the bible an angel physically manifested to free the apostle Peter from the prison he had been thrown and he was able to talk with this angel as they walk out of the jail. This was as a result of the believers prayer on behalf of Peter.
Please may you pray to God on my behalf today concerning my life. I need to experience more and get wisdom. I have never had vivid angelic encounters. I know its possible. I wish to encounter these angels in my dreams or any way they manifest one day. If God can allow the angels he ordained specifically for my life.

Warmest greetings!

(\o/) Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. (\o/)

Pascal, please be aware that the vibration from the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, as Christians who truly care about others we now say a prayer for our dear friend and child of yours, Pascal, who has come forth to request this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. We thank you for your many blessings to him, dear LORD, through your most Divine Son Christ Jesus. Amen.

You have a very good grasp of the angels, Pascal. That is wonderful. Yes, there are many different angels and each has their own duty in the service of God. Some come in groups led by a higher angel. But they all answer to God and His commands. Psalm 91:11 informs us of the work of angels and what they are charged with.

I will certainly pray for you, Pascal. It is my esteemed honor to be asked to pray for another.

Spirit wishes to inform you that you should not be overly impatient with regard to experiencing more for additional wisdom. You are given your tasks and all goes within the pace set forth as you are able to handle. Before you incarnated you decided what you were to do while on Earth for your higher spiritual growth. Even though there may be times when you wish your experiences would be accelerated you should wait since all is now happening in Divine Order. No one can rush their own destiny. It will happen as it was naturally meant to occur.

About having vivid angel encounters, yes, of course it is possible however, the angels do not normally appear as we imagine them to be. That is with wings and very tall with a glowing halo of light all around them and floating in the air. The reason is that if they were to appear that way most people would not know what to do and might become quite frightened by that kind of appearance. Thus, when an angel is sent by God for a purpose they will appear as humans most likely. In fact, they will dress and speak just like any human would but will be there with their angelic direction at hand to help in some way when it is warranted. Angels may appear as humans of either gender. In reality, they are androgynous. But again, most everyone identifies with being either male or female thus, they will appear as one or the other. They are quick to do their work and then they exit.

Coincidentally, just today I was listening to the radio and the host was speaking about an incident that happened recently where a person was in a serious accident and everyone feared for her life. They really didn't expect her to live. But then the medical team, police, and others saw a priest suddenly appear. He came forth to reveal that she was going to be alright and not to worry, that she would live. And as all were comforted by his message and intently looking at the girl they then turned around to thank the priest only to find out that he was gone. No where was there a trace of him. He just vanished. That is truly an angelic visitation. His message was profound and filled with hope and the message of life. Angels will thus come to do their work and then exit just as quickly. Why do they do that you may ask? Because the angels do not hang around to be thanked for their beautiful messages of hope and healing. They do not want to be seen as being superior in any way or as being the source of miracles.Thus, they leave when they have relayed their message or done their deed and return to Heaven ready for their next assignment.

You never can tell if you have already met an angel! If you have been in a dire situation where all hope seemed lost and suddenly someone appeared that you did not know, even if they looked human, which most likely they would, that could very well have been an angel coming to your aid. As for wanting to encounter an angel in your dreams, etc. one way that might be possible is to first pray to God for such encounter. Ask Him to grant you the privilege of meeting an angel in your dream state. Ask that the encounter be filled with His (God's) love and His light throughout and done with His Divine permission. Do this nightly before going to bed and then allow God to grant your desire as is His will.

Before I conclude, I would like to bring you a special message from your angels, Pascal.

An angel comes forth offering you friendship. He wants for you to know that he is as close as your thoughts and can be summoned as you would call on a dear, trusted friend whenever the need arises. You spoke about Archangel Michael and he now makes an appearance wanting for you to know that he has heard what you said about him and wishes to acknowledge that and let you know that he will be close at hand to guard and protect you. You will be able to feel his shining light at times and also in the reflection of glass or some other shiny object he informs me.

Another angel now appears to give you the message that they bring you comfort during this time. It may be that you have had excessive worry about something that has been on your mind and your angel wishes for you to know that all is well and you will be comforted. You are truly blessed in that another powerful archangel now comes forth also. Archangel Raphael. He has been making frequent appearances for people lately as he is the angel of healing. And in today's troubled world he brings his energy to let people know that he stands in their heart and brings forth healing to their situations. That is a true blessing!

You are also being told that you should read and study more as you are being prompted to cultivate more knowledge. You have a good head on your shoulders and your mind should become pregnant with great information that should help your advancement in life. But study, read, and speak with people who are enlightened who can help you obtain the knowledge which you seek. Finally, your angels are prompting you to make more connections with others. Connections with people who believe as you do is best. Those who will in some way be able to help you advance in life. But be wary, they say, for you not to engage the friendship of those whose energy would bring down your own. Guard against that. See their inner being and feel their energy and when you are satisfied that they are there for your highest and greatest good then you will know they are the type of friends whose connections can help move you forward in life.

Thank you for your reading request, Pascal. I hope it was enlightening to you and as a Christian it is my hope and prayer that Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ will bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you to walk more securely as you travel on your path. Always Go With God!


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