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Hi Lady Adreeana, my feelings are really starting to get hurt by the way I'm being treated by others. It seems that people are just mean to me or are looking down on me. Over the past few years I've put on weight, and it's really affecting my self esteem. I've also been told numerous times in the past that someone did black magic on me. Why are people treating me so badly? What csn I do? Do you see me losing any weight? My D.O.B is Jan.11 1983. Thank you very much

Dear Sophia,
No one can hurt you but yourself. By allowing others in to your personal space you are allowing them to hurt your feelings.
Our appearance, whether size, color of our skin or hair, should never affect our self esteem.
But..having said that, once our self esteem is damaged, negative effects can be brought to the rest of our self.  You have not had black magic put upon you. You are just going through one of the trials of Spirit. Spirit tests us through each stage of our lives, and everything given to us, is given to help us learn important lessons.

Can you lose weight? Of course you can..the question you want, deep in your heart to lose weight? Or are you hiding behind your weight?
Work on understanding yourself, understanding and learning the lessons that Spirit is trying to teach you.
The negative image you are portraying is what is causing people to treat you negatively. Change it! Become the person you want to be regardless of the thoughts or feelings of others.

I hope this helps you in some small way.




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I have 23 years as a spiritual reader, and advisor. I have a hungarian gypsy background and heritage, and training has been passed down to me from my grandmother and great-grandmother, both of which were seers, and spiritual advisors

I have been trained through 3 generations of my heritage. I spent 4 years with my great grandmother learning the gift of seeing what cannot easily be seen, and learning to hear the words that are not being said.

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