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Back in 2010 my twin brother passed away and up till this day we (my family) still really don't know whether his death was an accident or not. But i just want to know if there is anything that he wants or has to tell me, and do he knows how much i love and truly miss him.
Also do he like the name i chose for my baby girl :)
My Name is Marsha
we were born October 3 1993
In Birmingham Alabama
By the way His name is Mark
I really hope you can answer my question but if not that's fine too :)

ANSWER: Hi, Marsha,

That had to have been very difficult to lose a sibling, particularly a twin, and at such a young age. Did Mark pass from an overdose of some kind, or inhaling something toxic? What I am getting from him is: "Dumb, dumb, dumb" — whatever caused his death was something he intended to just try, and he is sorry for the pain it caused. He does know you love and miss him. I'm not getting anything about the name, necessarily, but it feels like he held her and spoke to her before she was sent into the physical world. He told her something about dirt — did the two of you like to get dirty when you were kids? It feels like he was telling her to get good and dirty. :-)

Does any of this make sense? All blessings to you . . .


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply
but no he didn't pass from an overdose or anything. He fell from the stairs at school and hit his head which cause blood in his brain and by the time they flew him to a different hospital he was already brain dead.It was a very sad time for all of us.. & when you say he says its "dumb,dumb,dumb" I'm thinking he saying this because he was playing around on the stair and knew it was dangerous #I'm guessing#
About the dirt..I'm not really sure what he means but yes we did like to play and get dirty when we were younger.
Does he have any advice or guidance for me & also is there a way i can speak with him myself like in my dreams or something

Thanks for your feedback. My sense about the dirt is that he's telling you not to be afraid to get dirty — just plunge right in with whatever task you're faced with, and have fun. You can try setting the intention, as you go to sleep, that you'll connect with your brother in your dreams and remember it the next morning.  


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