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could you please tell me when will i meet the right guy in my life and how will his nature and our rapport be withe each other?

my romantic life has been very miserable uptill now, somehow there is always a problem in between due to which i have never got success in love and relationships(the time has never felt right neither have the things worked out that way),they break even before they can start.

It feels as if i am struck by some negative aspect.things just never have fallen in place in this aspect of my life.i have had had a bad heart break, an unusual one he was a childhood friend.

After that i was involved with another guy but not in a romantic was convenience-based

i hope you could help me give slight ray of hope in life.

my dob is :22/08/1991

hello there

it seems your soul mate is out there searching or you
jut has you are searching for him but there are a lot of negative people
and things that are standing in the way of you and him being together
the way you are meant to be there is a lot of walls standing in between
 you and him meeting this can change  but there are certain steps you have to
take in order to allow it to change ..

come to my website and click to chat with me not he home page
its free it will allow me to give you a better more detailed reading for no cost

I hope to hear from you  


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