hi! i am a bit confused as to what to do.. i am currently in a relationship and haven been on and off with this guy for about 2 years.we had small breaks at time but our most recent ant longest break up was 8 months. we never kept in contact during these months at all. meanwhile, i met a really nice guy online who lives all the way in morocco but i live in ireland. He kind of helped me forget about my ex boyfriend and we started getting feeling for eachother. its something it never happened to me before. I never seen him in reality but we talked almost every day and we skyped all the time. I felt so happy although i never really got to see him and it was hard with him so far away. I felt like in heaven when i spoke to him and we spent our time on the cam. Everything was ok and i was starting to forget about my ex boyfriend that i was telling you about until after 8 months of being apart, he randomly called me and said he still has feelings for me and would like to get back together. he did not know and still does not know about me talking to the guy i met online. i never told him because i thought he would get jealous. when we got back together, me and the guy i met online(his name is Eiden) didnt really talk anymore because he knew i now had a boyfriend. I kept thinking of him everyday and looking at pictures of him , reading previous convos over and over again and i just missed him.. but i didnt want to say anything because i now had a bf again and wasnt right thing to do. its not been around 7 months since we didnt talk and a few days ago we started talking again. Me and my current boyfriend are again fighting a lot (thats the reason we had a few brakes) and i sometimes get thoughts of breaking up but i can never bring myself to it. i dont want to hurt him because he is a great guy in general but for some reason everythng he does pisses me off and we recently realized we kind of want different things in the close future. I now started to talk to eiden again  and am still going out with my boyfriend. I dont know what to do.. i dont want to be two timing or hurt anybody.. I could stay with my current boyfriend and kind of get through all fights and maybe we will come to agreements into an end hopefully or i could start talking to eiden again without the guarantee i am ever going to see him(its difficult with money and also visa as he lives in morocco). my heart is going towards eiden but my head is saying to stay with my current boyfriend. with my current boyfriend i am guaranteed to see him and being able to spend time together but i dont think i will ever get the feelings that eiden gives me. with eiden i feel like i am flying and i feel like he is perfect for me. distance is killing us..i spoke to him about it and he said he will try for us to see eachother but still hard(again money and visa is very hard to get) ... its a question of weather being safe or risking.. i may sound a bit selfish but i really dont know what to do... i dont want to hurt anybody and even if i do decide to be with eiden... i dont know how will i manage to break it off with current boyfriend.. i am actually a bit scared..:( please help me with some advice or tell me if im at least sane or if this is crazy... this never happened to me before..i think i may be in love with eiden.. i am just so happy to text with him and see him on the cam. my heart rises and i cry with happiness!! its amaziing..

Hi Marina! Wow you have quite a hard situation on your hands here. I will do my best to shed some light on this for u ;) First let me begin by saying I do not feel that you are being selfish, Infact you are trying to please everyone along with yourself and I will tell you now that can not be. Someone will be hurt . I feel that your current BF is really NOT the man for you. There is a comfort issue here. He is comfortable with you because he knows you and you know him. I honestly do not feel that the love it strong enough to make a life long commitment sorry to say. You need to move on from this person dear. He is NOT your soulmate so by you putting an end to this it will in the long run be better for you and him. Set both yourselves free to find new love . Now, as far as the Man U talk to online , I do see a very strong connection between you and this man. And it's not easy to make a connection like this especially when there is no physical contact. So, I would be putting more energy into this relationship if I were you. Now, I feel That you have not had the best of luck when it comes to your love life. You have been hurt and broken hearted more than once. And there have been relationships that you have been in. Where you feel that you was the only one giving and never taking. There is something that is causing you to have bad luck in your love life. And I feel that this has been around you for many years. I would have to connect with you a little more stronger in order for me to find out more. I am going to give you my email so that we can speak more. And look further into this situation. Hope to hear from you soon good luck and God bless :)


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