Hello :) My name is Joelle and I was born 1-26-1989

I have had a lot of bad luck with love for the past few years. Most of the people I meet are interested at first and then then disappear. There was someone from my past That I loved very much named Kristen dob 7-19-1985 but we fell apart and after that no one seemed to stick around. I was told by a psychic from my area, and one from this site that I have dark spirits attached to me and that is why this keeps happening. Recently I met someone very awesome named Drew, I don't know his bday yet, but I'm afraid he will leave too. Since I know the "cursed" thing is psychic scam 101, I'm trying to get second opinions on it because the psychic from my area keeps asking for money to fix it and I am becoming suspicious, but at the same time, I'm starting to wonder if it's true because everyone leaves me. Please help me. I really want to find true love.

Stop worrying..there are no dark spirits around you, no curses, no bad juju of any kind.

What is happening to you is really quite easy to recognize, and even easier to fix up.

You have brought a negative aura to yourself...not aura as in pretty colors of the rainbow bouncing off the end of your nose...but what I mean is...what you project to others.

We all go through periods where it seems like we will never meet the right one, or our soul mate. All things..every thing..happens in its own time for its own reasons. Spirit does not allow us to move forward until we complete all the current tasks set before us.

In your case, you need to find the failed loves in order to best figure out exactly what you want in a life partner.

These seemingly negative relationships..are love classrooms..this is where you learn, learn what to watch out for, learn what does and does not attract you. What virtues and qualities you want in a partner.

But sometimes..we worry so much about these failed loves..that we think something is wrong with us. So, when we do meet a new person, we are already expecting it to work. They call this a self fulfilling prophesy.  
The psychic that wants money from you, is convincing you that there is an outside force surrounding you, and what that person is going to do for their money, is to have you complete tasks, such as lighting candles...saying prayers, reciting mantras to ban the negative. Because you are doing this..inside you, you will start to believe this will will then start to act more positive around love interests because you know the bad spirits have been removed. See?  
Understand in your heart that you are a good and wonderful person, Spirit wants you to find the one person you can spend your whole life, you are being given a lot of people to help you in this quest. All those failed loves..will indeed help you in finding your perfect partner.
Slow things down with Drew, and just enjoy each day for what it is. If it does not work, smile, move not dwell, do not carry that memory in to the future. File it away as a lesson.

I hope this helps you

Blessings to you



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