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Hello Lady Adreeanna!

I'm Sharifa(09/13/91) and I was dating Nick (12/03/92) for almost ten months then he decided to dump me on Aug 9th because he feels he's not ready for a serious relationship. Mind you this is after he met my parents,confessed his loved for me daily,claims he wanted to marry me etc. It's very hurtful and he has done this before. I live in NYC and he lives in Buffalo but I attend Buffalo for school. Whenever we're apart for a month or more i feel as if another girl catches his eye.He admitted when he dumped me back in January it was because he was interested in another girl. He's hurt me countless times. I'll be going back to buffalo soon,what was the real reason for the breakup? will he try to get back with me? Or the very least try to sleep with me? Is Nick the one? I doubt it but i want to make sure as i want to cut all ties-for good. Also could you tell me any details about my life partner that's out there?


Hello Sharifa,
This man is what I would call a skirt chaser.
He is not ready to be loyal, and his habits are
to tell women what he thinks they want to hear
in order to get intimate with them.
Send him packing! You are much better.
If you allow men to do things like this to you over and over
again, then you have already determined what type of man you will
next meet.
You need to break the cycle of attraction with the bad boys.
They can be fun, but they are not who you want to be with long term.

I hope this helps you in some small way



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I have 23 years as a spiritual reader, and advisor. I have a hungarian gypsy background and heritage, and training has been passed down to me from my grandmother and great-grandmother, both of which were seers, and spiritual advisors

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