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My ex died in the delaware river july 10th 2013...I have bin senseing him around.But I wounder if he is my gurdian?..and if not who is?

Warmest greetings!

(\o/) Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. (\o/)

Maria, please be aware that the vibration from the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, as Christians who truly care about others we now say a prayer for our dear friend and child of yours, Maria, who has come forth to request this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. We thank you for your many blessings to her, dear LORD, through your most Divine Son Christ Jesus. Amen.

First of all, I want to express my deepest condolences on the recent physical passing of your ex.

It has been said that when a person passes-on, their spirit has the capability of returning to their loved ones on the Earth plane. Many people indeed are able to sense the presence of their loved one's spirit surrounding them. That is because even though they are no longer in physical body they retain their full faculties and memory in their spiritual body thus, they tend to return "home" to their loved ones and are with them always.

As to whether he is your guardian, let me answer you this way. Each person has a personal guardian who is with them for a lifetime and your guardian (who is an angel) was selected before birth when you were merely spirit, and remains with the person throughout their lifetime and escorts that person's spirit back to God at the time of their transition back into full spirit (actually, we are spirit now except for the fact that we were given a physical body with which to function in this dimension but our spirit is housed inside our physical body.) Being with you before your birth to the very end of your physical life on Earth is a guardian angel's job. As to a mortal who has incarnated and then passed-on, they can indeed guard you also however, they are not an "angel" and cannot ever be classified or considered as such. The reason being that an angel is a direct servant/messenger of God created by God for that purpose. Angels have never lived in an incarnate (mortal) body. They are Pure Spirit. God made the angels to be just a little bit higher than humans in intelligence and understanding of things thus, they have their appointed duties and have charge over us.

Therefore, you have your Guardian Angel. And you have your ex's spirit. Those are two very different entities. But again, since a person who was once incarnate can indeed return to Earth to be with their loved ones it is not unusual for them to also be concerned enough to act to "guard" you at special times. But you must also understand that those in spirit, including the angels, cannot ever cross the boundary line between "helping you" and taking over your free will. Neither of them can ever do that as it is Forbidden By God (if they did, it would severely impede your own spiritual growth and lessons in life you need to learn by yourself, being the main reason.) Even God does not readily interfere with our free will choices in life. You see, if either an angel or a loved one whom you feel close by was to try to circumvent that spiritual law such as to try to make decisions for you there would be very grave penalties and consequences administered by God who strictly forbids it! Now, bad is the comparison, however, one need look no further than to Lucifer who was once one of God's brightest angels. However, he severely misused the authority God gave him (due to his free will) and became rebellious and disobedient therefore causing God to cast him out of Heaven into this world. That is why people have ever since been tempted by evil.

But we are speaking about your guardian angel and the spirit of your ex who are two very different beings. Each cares for you a great deal and loves you! In each case, when you feel the need, you can simply call out to either mentally (the preferred method as is done in the Afterlife) or out loud (the mundane way) as you wish. Either way they will hear you because the veil between our two worlds is very thin. You can say whatever you wish to say to your ex and even sit in one chair and place an empty chair in front of you. Then simply speak to him as if he was there in physical body as many have done and continue doing. That is one way to "get off your chest" the things you may have wanted to say to him before his transition that you did not get a chance to say.  

Thank you for your reading request Maria, .I hope this spiritual reading was enlightening to you. May Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you to walk more securely as you travel on your path. Always Go With God!


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