Meclare wrote at 2013-08-11 22:00:52
This happened to me too and I realised it was me and my attitude, I decided to change the way I think and be more positive. I spend some time meditating and sending out loads of positive thoughts and love (this gets easy after a few goes) and absorbed some back in between. One breath in receive the positive, one breath out give it back - not to anyone in particular just give out and get back love. It may sound nuts but it works and you have nothing to lose by trying. I am so much more positive in life and people are actually attracted to me and want to be around me. What I am trying to say is others pick up on the negativity you given out and you may even be sealing your fate by the pattern of your own thinking. You should also rely less on what fate has in store and lead your own life day to day and try to be happy in it as you can. Live every day like it is your last and smile often. You'll be surprised how insignificant your worries will become.

I believe we are all emotionally and spiritually connected and can create out own destinies by the energy we give out, even by thought. The key is not to force others into staying its deciding you are worthy. Try thinking little positive thoughts to yourself daily.  


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