My Name :- Ayomi
DOB :- July/05

His name :- Uvindu
DOB:- April /28

Im deeply fall love with him.he is bit younger than me.But I do not expect love form him.i expect only a friendship. I gave a little gift to him before i leave the work place. i think he may feel his pride has been knocked because of that.What do you seen in our relationship. Will he be my friend?

Hello Ayomi.. I feel the gift you gave him throw him off a little bit because he only views you as a friend so by you giving him the gift that make him feel u want him for more then a friend and that will cause him to go away from you. Same with all men in your life They come close then they go away.theres a reason for you love problems Ayomi.. You never have the good luck u want in u love life. I want to tell u why. U must email me so we be more private ...


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