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Hi Lady Adreeanna!

My date of birth is (June 16 1995). For over a year I have been talking to a boy named Omar (August 20 1996). He lives in a totally different country but we have both fallen in love with each other in time. The thing is, I dont know how we can ever make things work and I'm really scared. Its so complicated but I really love him.

Is this love between me and him real or are we just naive kids?

Does he love me like he says (I'm very paranoid because I fear getting hurt and people tell me he probably has girls on the side and lies to me about loving only me which I don't really believe but then again love makes people blind)?

How can we make this work?

I just want to know if he's the one for me because if he is I will do what it takes if only I knew what.

I believe we meet people for a reason and I want to know why me and him have developed these emotions and what will come of it (this is what I really want to know).I just need guidance because I'm scared and confused and lost not only with my love life but my life path in general. I feel lost and I really need guidance of some sort. I start university this year as well which I'm super nervous about for many reasons as I don't know what to expect.

I feel like theres more to ask but I'm just overwhelmed because I'm so scared that I'm going to make a mistake/get hurt/do the wrong thing. Please help me.

Thank you so much in advance!

Dear Victoria

When we talk in detail to a person without being face to face, many things are left out such as concern about physical appearance, and day to day trivialities, but many other things are heightened, such as the attention we give each other while know you are the only person he is talking to, and vise versa. Is this love? In a way yes it is. Is it life partner, get married, have kids And not just because you only chat online. You are not ready to find your soul mate yet. Spirit has too many plans and too many tasks for you to complete before you can meet your life partner.

Once you begin school, you will find and you and Omar will begin to drift apart. Do not dread is all part of that wonderful thing called life. Yes everyone passes through our lives for a reason, and Omar is in your life right now as a wonderful person to talk to, share fears, hopes, and dreams with.

We all fear the unknown..its perfectly normal to be afraid. It is also perfectly normal to be unsure of your life path right now too. Relax, go with is all about discovery right now..and some of the things you discover will scare the pants off you, some will make you sad, but more than the others..most, will bring you happiness.
University is an education in more than just academics, it is also a time to spread and expand our social person. You will meet many people, you will start to learn how to learn things on your own, and to be accountable for yourself. These lessons will teach you how to live in the adult world, productively and happily.

Stop with your self doubt. Look in the mirror little have a strong sense of personal value, a good work ethic, you believe things should be done right. University will challenge you in a way that you will rise to. You will have struggles, days when you wonder if you made the right choice..but when you reach the end of this path, you will look back with a huge grin, and a sense of accomplishment. Then..guess are going to look at the path in front of you..and chances are going to get a bit scared..all over again.

You can, and you will get through all of this successfully.

Brightest blessings to you



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I have 23 years as a spiritual reader, and advisor. I have a hungarian gypsy background and heritage, and training has been passed down to me from my grandmother and great-grandmother, both of which were seers, and spiritual advisors

I have been trained through 3 generations of my heritage. I spent 4 years with my great grandmother learning the gift of seeing what cannot easily be seen, and learning to hear the words that are not being said.

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