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Dear Ms Nancy,
I would very much appreciate any insight about my life as I feel I am in a difficulty right now. No relationship, unsure work and opposition in many other fields. What's wrong? Is it going to get straight and what should I do?
Thank you very very much in advance.

Hi, Ro,

It does feel like you're at a transition point . . . the image I get is of a bunch of logs in the water jamming up and bumping into each other. It seems that you have tried to make different areas of your life flow just right and now, to your understandable frustration, the overall flow is blocked. Sometimes the harder we try to make everything go right, the more we get in our own way.

If you could let go of even one of those logs — get it to release and move along — I think that would help, and other things will probably begin to change as well. For example — if you are not in a relationship, let it be OK not to be in a relationship. You are your own best ally whether you have a significant other or not, and you seem like a strong person . . . this feels like an opportunity to discover just how strong. Then you can get another log loose, and another, and before long everything is flowing with few or no obstacles.

I'm not sure if this log analogy will resonate — but I hope at least something here is helpful. All blessings to you —



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