Hi,I'm female and on the process of divorce. I have met and dated this guy (not my ex husband) last year, his DOB is December 13, 1980 and mine is March 1, 1983.  He is hot and cold to me. We are of different race, culture and background.  He is a good-looking guy and I doubt he has other girls too while dating me. Last July 1, 2013 he brought me to his house, then the next day I texted him and tried to call him but he didn't answer till now he didn't even bother to contact me, I did stop chasing him though.  What went wrong, does he only used me? Does he have someone else right now, that's why he left me?? Will our paths cross again?  Does my ex hubby still loves me?? When will I meet a new bf who will sincerely love me, can u describe him? pls help thanks a lot!

Hello dear. I am sorry to hear about all of your love problems. I see that u always had an issue in this area. I see u always give yourself 100% emotionally mentally and physically But you never get the same in return. U were born to be lucky and born to be happy But u never found the luck and happiness the way u wanted. You smile on your face but deep in your heart you not been happy for a long time. U do not wish for much in your life. Just to have peace and live and be happy. Money does not make u happy. U are meant to be very successful in your life. But because u don't have peace in your love u feel like u can not concentrate to get where u want professionally. I see this man does have some feeling for u but he has a very odd way if showing u that. He is one day hot and the next day cold. I don't feel that he is with any other woman at this time . There is a woman in his past that always gives him a hard time. She doesn't want to let go of him she's a little obsessive . And he want her to leave him alone. There is something very wrong going on around u spiritually dear, and it is blocking u from being happy in love life. I feel I know what it is but I will need to talk more privately . Here is my email so I can explain more there. :) Godbless !  


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