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wow,iv just been reading some of the questions you have answered and omg,their brilliant so I just had to ask you if you could try get something for me. . I recently found out I have a half brother who took his own life a few years ago,my nana passed 5 years ago, my mums parter 4 years ago & my own little darling angel,my son,nearly 4 years ago. . I also have a friend who passed in January & her mum passed not long after my son,she passed on my sons 'due date'. . I have recently been thinking loads about my son & little things have instantly brought him to my thoughts that reminded me so much of him. . I cant explain what I mean but its not happened before that ive seen things that instantly make me think that's a sign. . really hope you can get a conection of somebody but if not,i really appreciate you takin this time to read. thanks again l&l steph xxx

Hi, Steph,

Thanks for your comments! Wow, you have seen a lot of people pass to the other side in recent years. Your son is coming through the most strongly . . . little guy with a big personality and an even bigger heart. I mean, he's kind of edging in front of the other people you mentioned and saying, "Scuse me . . . scuse me . . . I want to talk to Mum." Polite but insistent. Was there a particular food you had or saw that he liked that made you think of him, like a sweet? He is with you at that time, like you're sharing the treat together.

I'm not getting a clear picture of how he passed, but it feels more like an accident than illness . . . he either doesn't really remember it or doesn't give much thought to it and doesn't want you to either. There is so much more to life than any grief or pain we feel when it ends in the physical world, he seems to be telling me. Your Nana was there when he passed and welcomed him to the other side.

I asked him if he had any messages for his mum . . . love people for who they are, he seems to be saying . . . but then it feels like he's talking about your mother — still in the physical world? She's been quite troubled by all the losses, as you have, but it feels like she's struggling with some mental or physical health issues as well. It sounds like she's not treating others very well right now. This may be another older female relative who is still living.

Does any of this make sense? All blessings and peace to you —



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