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Hi Lady Adreeana,
I asked you a question about 2 days ago and you said that you couldn't answer it because I didn't include his date of birth but I did. I just wrote it in between the writing instead of in the beginning or the end. I apologize. I am resending it if it is okay.

My name is Cindy. I was born on December 27, 1992.

His name is Osvaldo. He was born on September 4, 1993.

My mom recently reunited with an old friend in July after about 10+years of not seeing each other. His son Osvaldo and I have known each other since we were little kids. my mom used to babysit him. But then they moved away and we lost contact, until just recently. Osvaldo's father has been coming over to my house every week since July and says that he will bring Osvaldo one day to come and see me. Osvaldo's father has also told me that he has asked Osvaldo if ge wants to go and see me and ge says "yes" but always disappears. my mom thinks he's shy but I think that maybe he doesn't feel like it.I don't know how I will act when I finally see him again. Every time his father comes to my house I get the shakes thinking that he could be in the car with him.

How do you see this meeting going?

Again, I apologize for before.

Thank you,

Hello Cindy,

He is indeed very shy, and I do see the meeting when it finally happens to go well.
I only see a friendship developing between the 2 of you, with no real romantic
feelings evolving between you.

He does feel awkward about meeting you, and the 2 of you do have different likes and dislikes.
He is more grounded than you, as you tend to day dream quite a bit.

I hope this helps you in some way.



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