I have read your responses to the questions of others and I would love to receive a reading. I am somewhat confused by your guidelines so I will just talk about my feelings. It is truly raining in my life. I am feeling like everything I touch is falling a part. I feel that my faith is being tested on a regular basis and I am always in a nose dive position heading str8 toward the ground. I never crash God always comes in and saves me but the constant stress of the nose dive has me tired and questioning the decisions that I make. I just want to be happy. I was called to be a teacher and a counselor. If I could live a life of teaching and counseling I would be happy but the politics and none payment for my services leaves me at a loss. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

Warmest greetings!

(\o/) Thank you for requesting a Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual reading. (\o/)

Tameka, please be aware that the vibration from the name you have given for this reading along with your clear intention will determine what results are brought forth spiritually!

Let us begin with a prayer to Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, as Christians who truly care about others we now say a prayer for our dear friend and child of yours, Tameka, who has come forth to request this Intuitive-Spiritual reading. We thank you for your many blessings to her, dear LORD, through your most Divine Son Christ Jesus. Amen.

First of all, thank you for your comments and compliments on my readings. It is much appreciated! As you may know, I do not work alone but with the help of Spirit and God's Spirit always guides me in the responses given.

Tameka, as I go to God with your questions and concerns, I have been given the following Scripture that is obviously the Key in your situation.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved." -- JOHN 3:16-17 (KJV)

The way that Scripture applies to your situation should serve as a reminder to you that you must Believe in Jesus in order to have Him help you in your day-to-day life. For without God in one's life, they are truly lost and will have far greater troubles. They may feel that they can still function without Him and in certain situations they might temporarily, but when it comes to receiving personal grace from Him they will fall short if there is distance from Him. Also, without Jesus in your life one cannot possibly be Saved such as to enter into Heaven at their appointed time and that is something also very important to consider. That is Biblical.

The feeling of your spiraling downward in what you do is due to little faith in He who provides the answer to ALL of your questions, cares, concerns, trials, and tribulations. You are right about your faith being tested. But you are not the only one by far whose faith is being tested. Every one who incarnates into this world is being tested and often. That is because people are mostly incredulous by nature as to things spiritual. They feel there are other answers or other ways other than God. When they start thinking or believing that way, then the tests have to fall even harder upon them. God is your Heavenly Father and just as your Earthly dad may have placed restrictions upon what you do or the actions you take, your Heavenly Father also looks after you but He also administers "tough love" many times not because He wants to be hard on you but because without it you would never learn your lessons in life that you were meant to learn.

God will therefore allow these tests on your life and that of others as a way of allowing you to gravitate back to Him as the true Source of all. It is often when one has undergone many tests and feels that they can bear no more that they usually turn to a higher Source thus, to God. They may not always admit it but they do. How many times has a non-Believer said "Oh God, how much more can I possibly take?" If they have, then they were actually calling up to God whether they realized it or not. If man was capable of always solving their own problems completely and on their own then there would be no tests given to remind them that God is always the Source and the Answer!

So while you feel that it is raining on your life, you must also know that right after the rain you most often will find a gorgeous  rainbow and bright sunshine as well as a beautiful day. That example is to show people that when it is the darkest in their life and they turn to God, He will shine His magnificent Divine light upon His children with all of His love and the day will turn out to be beautiful because they need not fear anymore when God is near and they have fully accepted Him into their life.

The fact that you "never crash", as you put it, and that God comes in to save you should be proof enough that God has allowed you to experience certain lessons in life tough as they may be but because He loves you so very much He would not let you fall completely and will never give you more than you can bear. But you should also realize by now if you have been listening to this message that 'nose-diving' is trying to assume that you have all of the answers and when you think that way there is no other way but down. Know that no person has all of the answers. They need God in their life due to the fact that a person can and should first do all that he or she can in life in order to get ahead but when they find they can go no farther, then they need to Leave the Rest To God. Have you done that? Have you asked Him earnestly to help you and then BELIEVED that He has ALREADY helped you rise above your troubles?

True Happiness is the outcome of trusting, having faith, and believing in God! When you have reached the point that you are truly tired of the way your life is going and your trying to get ahead fails by your seeing no good come from your efforts and you decide truthfully that it is truly time to Turn To God you will see the difference that that heartfelt decision will make!

As to your calling which you identify as being that of a teacher or counselor, there are two ways to look at that. First, if you speak about being a school teacher or counselor in a professional setting, then there should be no doubt that you would get paid for your services as you have spent time, effort, and money to train and deserve to get paid. Secondly, if you are led to help mankind in a certain way through teaching them something, etc. but feel that to do such work most would feel it is not worthy to get paid for it then you need go no further than to the vocation that a priest or minister takes who has also chosen to teach and work with mankind. But they too get paid, don't they. And why and how do they get paid for their services? They receive payment simply because they too have bills to pay. Rent, electricity and other utility bills, food, clothing, laundry, car repairs, gas, continuing education, church upkeep, housekeeping, etc. all of those things take real money to be able to obtain them! And do they not have collection plates or boxes passed during mass or services? Of course they do. That provides not only for the upkeep of the church but also to help pay their small salaries. Remember, the government does not subsidize churches and other religious institutions.

As it comes to one who is spiritually inclined such as yourself having an issue with this, please consider that although some may not feel you should accept payment for your services, you would nevertheless be providing a service they may have come for or need therefore, you would be charging not for the service itself but for your TIME. It takes good time to be able to provide the services people request and even expect to receive, so they should not question one's need to at least be reimbursed for the time in providing them. After all, if providers did not expect something for their time that they give unto others those very people desiring those services would find themselves at a great loss as you might have to be away working a nine to five job or later and therefore not be able to be there for them when they need or want to come to you. They must be ever cognizant of that fact! Another thing to remember is that when one only expects to get something for free all of the time without giving something back in exchange for it, they tend to not appreciate as much what they have received. Also remember that there are few things in life that are truly free other than what God gives to you. If all people were independently wealthy and did not need to work for their money then yes, one could say that they might be able to provide a service or services for free but most people are not independently wealthy in order to do so.

And remember, you'll never ever have a better Father and friend than Jesus.

Thank you for your reading request, Tameka. I hope this spiritual reading was enlightening to you. May Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and embrace you and help you to move forward in life and assist you to walk more securely as you travel on your path. Always Go With God!


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