hi miss lady ive been waiting for you to come back from vacation i love the way your answers are so honest and thats what i need! ok well my partner of five years marlon t birth date 2/15/72 acts so strange at times coming home accusing me of things im not doing is it hes being guilty or hes just insecure and dose not trust me?one minute were in love next minute were not im so confused an hurt by the hole thing please help my name is emilia an my birth date is 3/16/89 also is it possible hes been seeing someone else thank you so much

Hello Emilia.

Yes he is very insecure, and has trust issues.
The real question here is why you put up with it?
You are much better than that, and you deserve to be treated
with respect.
I do not sense that he is seeing someone else, but, I do not
see this relationship lasting.
I see you waking up one day angry with the way you are being
treated, and finally deciding it is time for change.

You are essentially giving him permission to treat you this
way by forgiving each time he does it. Because of this, it will
never change or improve.




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