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Dear Abby
I have had a troublesome love life in past 8 years because my ex did not care enough and i was still clinging
He has gotten married now and they are expecting a child
I have been feeling really pessimistic because of that failed relation
will i meet a new lover who will love me in return and how soon you see him coming
what type of a man he wll be
my name Palwasha
dob 12march 1985
birth place Karachi

Hello Palwasha.. I'm
Sorry to hear of all this problem for your love life . I do see that you have been hurt and broken hearted more than once. And in relationship you were always the one giving and never taking. You were born to be lucky and born to be happy But you have been cheated out of your Goodluck and happiness .. I see you are not the type of woman who wishes for much in life. Money and material things no longer mean much to you. You only wish for happiness and peace and love . But here lately everything you try to do and try to accomplish is not working out for you. Sometimes you feel like even when you do go one or two steps ahead in life you fall three steps back. It's because you don't have love. You can not have a settled mind without it because your spirit is craving it so badly.. Now, you need to know there are some bad things blocking you love life. Negative energies. And these are very strong and affecting your every move. I am going to give you my email so we can talk more about your life and how you need to clear yourself from this.


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