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My name is Laura (DOB: September 27, 1996)

I've been trying to contact my guardian angels and spirit guides for a couple months now but haven't had much success. I've been meditating a lot and trying to become open to any messages they might give me or signs but haven't gotten any yet. Do you think they are listening to me and do they have any messages for me?

Hi, Laura,

It feels like you may be missing some signs that haven't come to you in the ways that you expected. And the more you "try" in these matters, the more likely you are to get frustrated. Your angels and guides are listening to you — the key now is patience with yourself as you learn to listen to them.

There is a great podcast called Psychic Teachers — you can find it on iTunes, Facebook or at The Feb. 5, 2012 episode is "How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides" — I know this because I just downloaded it a couple of days ago to listen to it again. These ladies have great insights and practical tips you can use.

All blessings,


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