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Hi Nancy,
My name is Hope I was born May 24 1993, and lately I have been having some really tough conflicts with my family. It's gotten to the point where they would like to me to move out of the house. I don't want to do so because I love my family and I don't have anyone to go to. Or a place to stay or anything. I just would like to know if you see anywhere in the future me and my family will start to get along or go back to how we used to be?

Hi, Hope,

You have probably heard this before, but it's pretty normal for young adults living with their families to have conflicts. You are becoming more independent and finding your place in the world. They want to keep you in your childhood role at the very same time they want to encourage you to flourish on your own. And because you're all human beings, you all have other human stuff going on. It can get very complicated and tense (obviously!), but it's a great time to test drive your adult, conflict-resolving self.

It feels like you have been through a lot over the past year or so — did you start and/or stop school? A job change? There is some heaviness in your energy, too, which could indicate depression. It just feels like you had some great hopes for a big change that did not turn out the way you thought it would, and that has had repercussions for both you and your family. You are disappointed, they are disappointed, everybody feels guilty and defensive. They genuinely love you and want the best for you, but my sense is they are afraid they screwed up. They see your unhappiness and are frustrated at not being able to fix it. So asking you to move out may be their way of giving you a chance to sort things out on your own so they can stop feeling inadequate.

When you are 20 years old, there is no going back to the way it used to be with your family — there is only a new normal to create. Summer is coming to mind as a time when things will be more peaceful. However, I also feel that this better way of being could come sooner if you are willing to take the conflict by the horns, so to speak. It has come to the point where they are asking you to move out — so you could say something like: "I don't want to move out. How can we resolve these issues?" And have some potential solutions in mind.

That's probably way more than what you asked for, but I hope you can pull something hopeful from it! All blessings to you.



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