Hello, My name is Melissa and I was born 9/5/78. I am at a cross roads in my life where I want to make a career change. Recently I've taken an interest in the health field, specifically energy medicine. I feel a little directionless on what I would be best suited for. I seem to feel most alive when I connect with others on a heart level, and I am being of service to them. I got a degree in psychology a while back because I find reasons why people do what they do fascinating. If you could advise me what you feel would be a career that would allow me to help others and make me a better person, I would appreciate your time!

Hello Melissa,
Stay away from "fad" medicine. Getting involved in areas like that, will have doors slammed shut on you in the traditional health care field. Your degree in psychology can be a huge stepping stone for you, and working in the area of counseling is a rich and rewarding field. There are many fields within that, that you can research, and see what catches your eye. Look within yourself, find where your empathy is. What impacts you most? What brings out the nurturer in you?
These are the things you need to ask yourself. The answer to what area you should get in to, has to come from within you.

I hope this helps you in some small way




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